Monday, December 7, 2009

Cargo Bike Story on NPR

Walking up the steps to my office in school today, a parent stopped me to tell me that "they were talking about your bike on NPR this morning." I immediately booted up my computer to check it out. Love NPR and it was exciting to have this love collide with our bikey love.  Ironically, I must admit that since my family began bike commuting, we listen to far less NPR. It used to be the go-to radio station when driving and we tend to listen only to music CDs when we are home.  I was really happy to find the story here and see that the wonderful Portland-based bike shop where we bought our Bakfiets was mentioned. Cool!


MamaVee said...

thanks for the link. that was a great story. Although the comments from annoying people was annoying. But I loved reading your comment!

Adrienne Johnson said...

That's funny. The only reason I miss my car is listening to NPR : )