Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Cargo Bikeaversary-- FOUR years!

Four years ago this week, this was delivered to our family:

It came all the way from Clever Cycles in Portland, OR. At that time, there were no bike shops on the East Coast selling bakfietsen. Not true anymore!

We had some helpers unwrap the most awesome package we ever received.
P and S took it out first:
 Soon we were riding it everywhere for all sorts of errands:
We participated in our first Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride:
And we decorated it lots of ways:
Soon, so hooked on family bicycling, we did this:
Xtracycle Radish 2009
Bicycling became central to our life. We met lots of new folks. We saw far more things in our city. We had fun together.
Then the boys grew heavier and taller.  So this lived with us for two and a half years, was much loved, and recently sold to a local family with younger kiddos:
Yuba Mundo

This is what we look like now:
And this is our newest ride. Yes, mama downsized to a mid-tail cargo bike since the kiddos are often pedaling themselves:
Yuba Boda Boda
There have been SO many bikey highlights the past four years, including making friends locally and from far away:
And riding through the five boroughs of New York City:
 And carrying our Christmas tree home:

It's just been a FUN ride, both literally and metaphorically.  And while I may no longer chronicle our everyday bike adventures here that frequently, I know we'll be having them. Looking forward to more years of family bicycling fun.

Sara and the Full Hands family

Friday, February 15, 2013

True Love and a Wonderful Cargo Bike

After watching Bill and Glad's story, I immediately sent an e-mail to my husband linking this video and asking, "When we get older, will you ride me around in a cargo bike if I can no longer ride myself?"

Just watch.

But first, get yourself a hanky....