Sunday, November 18, 2012

Xtracycle Hooptie in Action

One of these days, I might just write about what's going on with the Full Hands Family and our newest bike adventures.  However, for now, I can not help but share wonderful family bicycling videos that are popping up on the web.
Who doesn't want to hop on a bicycle after watching this lovely video of the MacRhodes crew out on a family ride? Yes, folks they have three kiddos-- a singleton & twins-- and they are a multi-cargo-bike-ownin' family. We might just have a few things in common :). Shane, of course, is the founder of the Kidical Mass movement.

Here the MacRhodes family is trying out their new Xtracycle Hooptie. You can tell that the kiddos are loving getting around Eugene, OR this way.