Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cargo Bike Dog

It was a big summer for us as we added this girl to our family.

She's a rescue from the South and yes, she's a tripawd (as the internet seems to deem some three-legged pups). We love her. She's sweet and loving and she is not at all hindered by having lost her front left leg just on July 1st. My boys like to boast that she's 'faster than many four-legged dogs.' So there.

We knew we needed to integrate her fully in our lives so we trained her to do this.

First we had the boys sit in the box with her. Since she's a *huge* fan of squirrels and we were worried that they'd tempt her too much, we decided to rig a harness system for her so she could ride on her own. We took out the bakfiets' folding front seat, used the hole openings, and screwed two short 'leashes' with clips to either side. We clip these to a body harness and she can sit and move around comfortably but she can't jump out upon squirrel sightings.

So this is how she and P get to work. Yes, besides being a cargo bike dog, she's also an office pup.