Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First picnic of the spring

We came off the hot weekend, enjoyed a very warm Monday, and decided to take advantage of the full-out spring weather evening. We packed up all three boys, our water bottles, the Crazy Creek chairs, and hopped on/in the bikes. We rode over to the boys' favorite pizza place (and those of you who know New Haven--it isn't Pepe's, Sally's or Modern's) and picked up a couple of pies and headed down to the Green. It felt so freeing to be pedaling along in the evening, with the sky still bright, all clad in t-shirts, and no worries about just where we would park.

Once we arrived, we spread the ever trusty batik on the very green lawn and hunkered down for a pizza picnic. This batik cloth has been well-loved and well-traveled in the past 13 years as I bought it in a small stall in Dumaguete City, Philippines during our Peace Corps training, kept it constantly in my backpack throughout my travels, and it is fun now to see our three boys roll around on the brightly printed cotton.

Food always tastes better when outdoors and the guys attacked their slices with a gusto rarely matched, and gave us a hint of teenage appetites when we just may need to move back to boarding school teaching so we can feed the boys in a cafeteria! We capped the evening with a quick ride from the Green to Ashley's for ice cream and then on to home. All-in-all, an awesome evening and a wonderful preview of many picnics to come. I just don't think we would have done it in the car....
Yes, just like in the backseat of the car, the boys seem to always have a book with them for reading in the baksfiets.
Perhaps my favorite snap (above)...


Jennifer said...

Great photos and I love how F kept his helmet on inside the ice-cream shop.

Andrea said...

I LOVE that last picture in the ice cream window!

MamaVee said...

I freaking love it. But now I must know- what pizza place IS it??? The Whole wheat crust place? LG mentioned it to me... Hrm.

I see a summer filled with concerts on the green via bikes.

RE: your Next bike... ready for a novel?

I see your point. Very valid. I bought the townie first and then ordered the Free Radical straight from the Xtracycle people. ( I called in. I called them about once a month all summer to talk about the bike) You have to have it shipped to a bike store so that a trained person can put it together and tune the bike. I got the townie b/c I liked the step through feature and always liked townies. The radish has a bar across doesn't it?

The free rad does act as back fender and half chain guard in a way. But you'd need a front fender for good rain splash proofing.

Looking at the radish I kind of wish I had gotten that except the step through isn't as dramatic. Its more of a slop and b/c I am short I love hopping off even when the bike is still moving.

I'm over townies right now. I was going to write a post about how I have in one year become a bike snob and riding the townie feels like riding a clunky machine. So if you are going xtra the radish might be the way to go. It says it has fenders but the pic i n the catalogue doesn't show one. The chain guard is the same level as your husband's bike... The free rad def acts as skirt guard.

I do enjoy having all of that space on a two wheeler.

PErhaps the ANT will be a 45 gifting. your kids will be 10 turning 11 and 8 turning 9 and I 'd bet proficient cyclist on their own. Townie issues aside, I am very happy having my two bikes be a full on Cargo bike and a Xtra. I don't travel lightly really at all and I'm glad that I can always put a kid on.

Dottie said...

Food does always taste better outdoors. Thank goodness picnic season is here.

I love the earth day decoration on your bike box!

Terra said...

I can't wait for summer and to tool around on my new bike! S and P are such cute booknerds - they came by it honestly! :-)

Terra said...

I mean S and C!