Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cali: Cargo Bike Jubilee

I am on Xtracycle's mailing list, in particular the one that sends out notices about Car-Lite and Car-Free Living.    Scrolling down the page from today's e-mail blast, I got excited reading about Marin County's upcoming CARGO BIKE JUBILEE.  Reading about the event made me realize the brilliant pairing: similar to our Touch-A-Cargo-Bike event WITH Portland's Fiets of Parenthood.   It got me excited about next summer. Yes, we need to plan one of these.

Imagining our take on the Family Bike Obstacle Course, I could not help but be drawn to "Mommy needs a fix: buy & carry a double espresso from Java Hut."  Yes, of course, I have a coffee carrying ring installed on my handlebars! 

Finally, browsing through the accompanying photos, I couldn't help be drawn to a picture of two cute fellas sitting in a polka-dotted box of a bakfiets.  Hey, we are spreading the cargo bike love-- even in Cali.

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MamaVee said...

I too liked the mommy needs a fix, cuz I ALWAYS need one. I really want to do a course. sounds so fun.