Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Box Bike in the 'Hood

We spent a fun long weekend hanging in NYC with friends and family, riding subways, visiting the lemurs at the Bronx Zoo, running around parks in Brooklyn, and a highlight, for me anyway-- spotting Ira Glass coming out of a Vietnamese sandwich joint. We arrived back in New Haven tired but satisfied, and were just finishing an early dinner when the doorbell rang. I looked out our front windows and immediately got jazzed, commanded all the guys to throw on their Crocs and get outside, and grabbed the camera.

And what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a new Joe-Bike boxbike with two helmeted cuties happily strapped in the cargo seat. Check out our friends and their brand new spanking cargo rig:

We are most excited that another bakfiets has hit the city-- even though this crew will be moving to Nashville this summer. The box is shorter than our long box so when I took Joe-Bike's version for a quick spin around the block, two things struck me immediately: 1. how light it was 2. how much of a 'regular' bike it felt like when riding. Mostly, it is just heartening that families looking to get into family bike riding have ever more options from which to choose


MamaVee said...


I know the options are growing and growing. It's staggering and wonderful. Sadly I want a whole house full of box bikes. Each one is lovely and super cool. It's like people who collect fancy cars. If I could I'd have a garage filled with Sorte, Bakfiet and the lovely trike Dottie rode to costco. And the kid family tandem out of amsterdam.

Maybe your friends will run into Trisha... or go on her next organized ride!

Andrea said...

You are a trendsetter!

Terra said...

Yay! What a good influence you are having! This weekend in DC it was FABULOUS and my bike is officialy out and ready to go. I had a two-fer: 1) finally made it to the oldest farmers' market in the country, just a few minutes from our house on my bike. Bought so many fresh goodies (produce and dairy) and even flowers and was loaded down with my loot. 2) we rode about a mile away to our favorite indian food restaurant for dinner on Sunday night.

Jen said...

So awesome!!!

Trisha said...

Ooh, moving to Nashville? I will look for them on the street! How fun that you have fellow Bakfiets riders.

Miss Sarah said...

I'm so jealous. I live in a centrally located neighbourhood where people STILL drive here for their piano lessons even though they are only... 6 blocks away?