Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School on Bikes

A year ago, we hadn't yet figured out the just-about-two-mile-commute-to-school-so-we-really-have-no-business-taking-the-car-but-it-is-too-far-for-my-guys-to-ride-or-walk situation. It became our biggest motivator that led us to discover cargo bikes and family cycling. You can read about our journey to finding our first cargo bike, the Bakfiets, here.

So this morning marked a few firsts: The first day of first grade for two of my fellows (wow!) and our first day of first-day-of-school bike commuting. (We've been bike commuting to school since March). I was supremely nervous about our get-out time this morning. The boys don't sleep particularly late but we've been having relatively leisurely mornings, in terms of getting breakfast and getting dressed, this summer. Just thinking about getting up and out with full bellies, in clean clothes, and with lunches packed was daunting. I let myself ponder-- for a moment-- that if we were not biking to school, we would have more flexibility about when we could leave the apartment and still get to school on time.

The two school boys were up and rarin' to go. Would it be too much to hope that they feel like this every first day of a new school year? Unfortunately, the preschooler, who doesn't start school until later this week and was up at 3:30AM visiting our room, had an extraordinarily rough morning. I got a little crazed, begging him -- to no avail, of course-- to stop crying, and announcing testily numerous times to no one particular that we were past our 'safe' leave time.

In the end, we all got the new first graders to school on time. But with all my craziness and rushing, we didn't quite capture that moment on film. Here we are, however, at PICK-UP on the first day of school.


Terra said...

You guys are AMAAZING. I can barely get myself out of bed and to work on time (with makeup and breakfast to be done there), let alone a whole FAMILY. I will say though, that the bike is like a happy pill and it actually a motivator, rather than walking to the metro or waiting for the bus. Happy first day of school!

Dottie said...

Awesome! All the extra work is really worth it. I wish more parents would work something like this out instead of driving their children to school every day.

MamaVee said...

Drop off it way too crazy to get good pictures! I agree!

You guys look awesome.

Funnily enough for me- if I bike we have more time. but that is because G will take the Bus and that comes by a 8:00. School doesn't start til 8:35 so for me biking would still be slightly faster than the bus. I could leave my house at 8:10 instead of getting them to get ready at 7:45!

My only problem is G LOVES the bus. But I might bike her at least once a week to see the class and such.

Andrea said...

Woo-hoo! Here's to first grade, bike commuting and wishing you a year of smooth send-offs! Although I can't tell you how much I adore the school bus...the no-negotiation it will be here in five minutes get your shoes on and run like the wind while I take an additional fifteen minutes to get my sh*t together and out the door only on half hour late for work!

Penelope said...

you guys are totally amazing. I am so impressed. And, first grade? HUGE deal. Congratulations to all.

Jen said...

Great pics. You guys are awesome!