Thursday, March 6, 2008

They Needed a Study to Figure THIS Out?

This headline on Yahoo news just caught my eye:
Men who do housework may get more sex

You know there have to be a few momma bloggers out there today with links to this article. I will say-- officially & for the record--I wake up in fear each day that P will sit me down for the talk. It would begin something like this: "I do too much around the home and you need to start pulling your weight." He could, you know. He would be justified in doing so.

Yes, folks, I married a fellow who cooks, does wash, dishes, diapers, whatever. He is a true partner and parent in all senses of those words. It helps that he stayed home full-time with C and S when they were a year old so he gets it. He really gets it. Whoops-- not sure I meant that as a double entendre. I suspect he may debate the validity of those findings.


Andrea said...

Good for you and Peter!! And I have to say I can't think of anything sexier than a man weilding a toilet brush. said...

A man doing dishes is like porno.