Tuesday, July 16, 2013

City Cycling-- Fun, Instructional Video

Just saw this video today from GristTV. It is simple and captures the spirit of "Hey-- This is do-able and fun!"

No need to get into any helmet debates here.

Donut break, though? We'll go for that.

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Edwin said...

That video looked like it was going to be cheerful, but it didn't leave me with a cheery feeling.
I thought it made biking sound a lot harder than driving!
"Let's review:"
Plan route (don't have to do that in a car, I know my way!)
suit up (you need special stuff that you don't need driving)
check your bike (my car is fine)
mind the door zone (in a car you are safe)
claim the lane (from the drivers, it really is theirs)
careful with turns (easy while driving)
don't run over pedestrians (They stay out of the way if you are driving)

Awww... why am I so negative?