Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bike Life: What We Do When We're Not Blogging

It's becoming a bit of a theme here on Full Hands-- mentioning how little blogging we do now when I actually do manage to put together a post. I do snap some photos here and there thinking how I would like to share them on the blog.  I recently noticed that stored on my phone were some pictures I accumulated over the past months, bikey-related things that I thought might be fun to post.

So what is it we do when we are not blogging?

1. We go to NYC's Museum of Mathematics and ride tricycles with square wheels. Yup, square.

 2. We participate in Mitchell Dubey's Memorial Bike Ride. We think of Mitch as we don his name on our helmets. The boys immediately dub their protective headware as Hel-Mitches.

 3. We dress up in spiffy new accessories that people kindly gift to us. Check out that bicycle tie!

 4. We load our Boda Boda in our minivan so we can divide and conquer. We pick up P from work  and drive to capoeira. We unload the bike and one of us rides another fellow to an evening meeting while the other parent stays at capoeira.

5. We go to a work-related Gala, dressed up, and convince our babysitter that we really are nuts.
6. We join in celebrating New Haven's 375th birthday with an after-dark group ride to enjoy the Night Rainbow. We pick up passengers along the way as our Boda Boda deck can easily handle it.

Photo credit: William Kurtz

7. We ride the bike path to bring a son to a birthday party. On the bike path, we do circus tricks. And we take photos of our shadow.

8. While the boys take the morning bus, we ride to school carrying S's guitar every Tuesday. Two fellows head home by school bus in the afternoon but since S stays late for lessons, we ride home together. S, the passenger wearing his guitar on this back, tends to get lots of attention on the return trip.
8. We hang out at our favorite bike shop, The Devil's Gear, learning from the kind bike mechanics there.

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Andrea said...

Hey Sara!
Great to get an update on the Crumlish family doings and goings-on. Looks like you guys are having fun, as always. Miss you and hope you're all well!