Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tree Haulin' By Bike 2012

One of the things about not having a smart phone is that we do not get cool bicycling photos when we are out and about. Today, I would have liked to been able to document our adventures pictorially.  It was one of those great New Haven days: church, coffee and biscotti, tree picking out and hauling, Shake Shack, and the Nutcracker at the Shubert-- all by bike.

These year, I got to ride the tree for the first time. Wild to think that we started this four years ago.  It amazes me to see those photos because the boys are so young! For our past Christmas tree hauling adventures, we used our bakfiets. Since that bike is now living semi-permanently with friends, this year we used the Xtracycle Radish.

It didn't take much to load the tree. Our tree place does not wrap trees so we used a few pieces of twine to pull in some of the branches and then the amazing Freeloader straps did the rest.  The stem of the tree sat far enough away from my left pedal that I didn't bump up against it at all.

It was fun riding along, the five of us, with me bringing up the rear with tree-- getting looks from other folks out on a Sunday morning. We got some great smiles and nods as we made our way downtown.  We had about an hour before the Nutcracker show so P took the fellows off to the Shake Shack for burgers while I zipped home and dropped off the tree, turned around, and met up with them again.

I would have loved to get some family Christmas tree bicycle pictures but alas, here are the lone shots of the Xtra loaded with the tree. Ho Ho Ho.


anne said...

That's a full day! Sounds like fun. Congratulations on hauling the tree. I've never done it, maybe I'll give it a try next year! Happy holidays from all of us!

Andrea said...

Awesome! You need your own personal camera crew to follow you around and document these moments.

adventure! said...

You don't always need a smartphone for "action" shots. I've shot most of my photos with a regular digital camera and then uploaded them later. You just have to remember to have a camera in your bag at all times.