Thursday, June 14, 2012

Video of Our Bike Commute Home

Last week, we spent a lovely commute home riding with our friends S, S, and C and a new friend, Ian Applegate, who shot some video of the trip.  "Ian is my new hero," one of my sons declared.  Ian is a multi-talented fellow who promotes his hometown of New Haven with great enthusiasm.  He keeps a New Haven blog that includes one-of-a-kind videos from around town with his cool Lego Spaceman reporter, Space Cowboy.  He's also an amazing flipbook artist and teacher of flipbook making. Check out his flipbook work here.  My boys also love that Ian can talk the history of video games with resounding expertise AND he is the owner of a Radio Shack Armatron.

Oh, he also composed the music for this video he put together of the Full Hands family and friends out on our cargo bikes....

Thanks, Ian!

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lulu galera said...

hello peter and sara. this is great. i just got myself a bike two weeks ago to help me get around the campus. i hope eathan gets his repaired so we could bike around together. hugs to sam, caleb and finn