Wednesday, June 15, 2011

thanks for the shout-out

Sending a big THANKS to Kathleen over at "Families on Bikes" on Momentum online.  Full Hands was thrilled to be included in her post titled "Awesome and Inspiring Family Bike Blogs."  I really appreciate being included on this list, especially because many of the other blogs listed get a lot of credit for helping the Full Hands family become a family that bikes. 

When we started investigating cargo bikes, there were no local families riding them.  We looked to web to find information about our options and reached out to mama/papa bike bloggers for help, reviews, and inspiration.  We found so many of them completely generous when we emailed them directly and hope that we pass that on to others.

I am always thrilled when someone else tells me/ emails me that our family's example made a difference for them.  Recently, a colleague at school began riding her bike.  This is a true commitment because she lives well outside of New Haven so she rides from her home to the train station, loads her bike on the train (and it is not a folding one!), and then rides from the New Haven train station to school.  She told me that we were her inspiration and she made herself buy a month-long train pass to make sure she would ride daily.  How cool is that?

And I promise not to do this in every post until June 28, but if you think of it, consider going to Circle of Mom's "Top 25 Biking Families" and give a click for Full Hands.  Cheers!