Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 Xtracycle Freeloaders & Our Yuba

Hey-- go on over to Xtracycle's blog,, and check out our posting about Xtra's 2010 Freeloader bags on our Yuba.

Yup, they work well together. Really well.


Andrea said...

Very cool.

Phi said...

Hi, Are you still running the 2010 freeloaders on your yuba? I can't decided on GoGetters or Free-loaders for my Yuba-to-be! Thanks.

sara said...

@Phi-- Yes, we are still using the Freeloaders very happily on our Yuba. We have a set of Go-Getters hanging in our garage, which are quite impressive bags with loads of storage. The Freeloaders, however, work better for us in the everyday as we ALWAYS have boys' legs hanging over the sides and we find the Freeloaders less bulky but still plenty of storage for our daily trips.