Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dinner Conversation

S, giving yet another reason why he can't eat the dinner in front of him (one of the few dinners he actually used to eat on a regular basis, and by 'used to,' I mean as recently as this past Friday night): Don't you remember, Mom? The last time I ate _______________, it felt like there was fire coming up through my throat.

Me: S, I have to say I don't remember that. I just remember you eating _______________ and loving it.

S: No, Mom, really. One day when we had ___________, I felt like smoke was coming up out of my throat. Smoke, and maybe even fire.

C: Maybe you're just turning into dragon.


Jennifer said...

Oh boy, how do you keep a straight face with that comment by C?

Anonymous said...

I need C to come to my house and talk to Z.

Lex said...

Hi Sara,

You just left a comment on my blog, and I think that posting a comment here is probably the best way to get back to you.

I did get my bakfiets from clever cycles in Oregon, which was unfortunate given the cost of shipping it all this way (I live in Northampton, MA). There used to be a bakfiets dealer in Somerville, MA (The Dutch Bicycle Company), and I originally placed an order with them. But, after weeks and weeks of my bike not arriving, they finally admitted that they had lost the account with workcycles. At that point I was so set on getting one that I decided to order from Oregon (of course it will take me years of cycling to make up for the carbon used just to get the bakfiets to me, but oh well).

We were definitely doing a lot more bakfietsing when it was warmer out. Waiting until spring might make more sense, although I suppose if you got one now then you'd have it ready to go on the first warm day. My kids (5.5-year-old twins and an almost-2-year-old) only just barely fit comfortably in my new winterized version of the bakfiets, so I'm not sure that your kids would fit in the same set-up (I see from your blog that they are 6 and 3), unless they are particularly small for their age (or unless they don't mind being a bit squished). Although, the first 12+ rides in a bakfiets are so thrilling that you'd probably have a better time of it than I have been, despite the cold/lack of room.

You and your family would be welcome to come to our place and try out the bakfiets if you'd like. I was really worried about ordering one without ever having tried one, but I didn't know of anyone remotely close by who had one. That said, learning to ride it only take a couple of minutes, if that, and I was comfortable on it immediately (as I think most people are).

Feel free to email me (lex.fletcher at gmail.com) if you have any other questions! I'm glad you found my blog!