Sunday, June 1, 2008

Every Day Miracles

A friend invited us along to swim at her family's pool club today. She is actually an employee so technically, not a member, but a good perk of her job is that she and her family can use the club. A perk of being her friend and my sons being friends with her son is that we got to spend the gorgeous day outside together, hanging near a pool. The boys happily played for hours in the toddler wading pool so thankfully, I could hang on the side,watching without getting wet myself. I am terribly wimpy about cold water and I figure after all my cold dip-and-pour baths during my Peace Corps service days, I've earned the right to refuse to swim or bathe in chilly water. I still offer up a small prayer to the hot water gods every time I take a shower. It really is a remarkable thing to have hot water running out of a pipe into one's bathtub. Remarkable.

Anyhoo~ when we returned home, F was so zonked from a day in the sun that he actually took a nap. Given his recent nap strike, the 45-minutes he stayed asleep were unexpected and glorious. S and C set about keeping themselves busy: C with a new library book, a good ol' Beverly Cleary one, Ribsy, while S decided to do an art project. He pulled out his markers, paper, scissors and set to work. Soon he was asking for the spelling of certain words: 'enjoyed' and 'thank' among them. When he finished, S showed me the completed work--a masterpiece in my mind. It was a thank you note to his friend for letting us spend the day with him at the pool club.

Which is better: Hot water that comes out of a faucet into your shower OR a five-year-old who writes a thank you note, unprompted? I find them both pretty miraculous.

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