Monday, February 18, 2008

True Love

This evening I continued my Sunday-night lovefest with Jane Austen, hunkering down for another installment of PBS's complete Austen series. I must admit that last week while watching the first part of Pride and Prejudice, I was tired after a particularly long day and I nodded off while settled in front of the fire, missing a good hour or so.

During tonight's opening montage of scenes preparing the audience for the continuance of Pride and Prejudice, I gasped. Seeing the untucked Mr. Darcy in his wet, flowing white shirt just coming out of his pond, I turned in alarm to my hubby, asking, "Did I miss Elizabeth running into Darcy unexpectedly at Pemberley?"

"Oh no. Not to worry. You didn't miss that scene and you know, I would have woken you up for it," P replied.

And so I ask--Do you think Colin Firth would do the same for his wife?


Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S a good husband!

Andrea said...

Who needs Mr. Darcy when you have a husband who can appreciate Mr. Darcy in wet muslin (or can at least appreciate your interest). And I'm dying for part three!!

Terra said...

Oh my gosh, Colin is dreamy in that. I miss PBS. Now I just watch it on TV. P.s. Did you know that there is a Jane Austen Appreciation Society? for cool web companion info check out: