Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Pull of Words

We have a wonderful 'problem.' Not sure if that statement is oxymoronic, but it has been growing for quite some time. It's just something we have avoided talking about, but it is getting more difficult to deal with or ignore.

We know that genetics are strong & they come by it naturally. They have aunts & uncles who have experienced some of the same struggle. Even their dad & I have had times when resistance to this overwhelming force was futile & we succumbed as well.

But we need to address this soon because we are having difficulty getting through many simple tasks throughout the day.

Who ever expected to hear these words come from ours mouths?

  • S, put down the book so you can put your socks on.

  • You need to stop reading, C, and eat breakfast.

  • F, it is time for bath not books.

  • Stop that. You can not walk and read at the same time.

Hi, our names are S/P/C/S/F, and we are addicted to reading.


Andrea said...

Same here! Although not quite that young (M sneaking a book and flashlight under the covers--it seems I remember doing that. I also walked home reading "The Boxcar Children" once...amazing I didn't get runover.

So I totally can't figure out how to email to you from my blog when you send me a comment, but your readings should be coming soon! I've got them all photocopied. I have an envelope. We're almost there!

Anonymous said...

I know this problem well. You may want to start a 12 step program.