Saturday, February 9, 2008

Inspiring Mamas

I haven't really thought this whole blog idea through. In the past years, I spent time doing a bit of writing for a friend's zine & I contemplated writing/publishing my own, but I just never worked up the energy. With the move, I thought it would be a perfect starting point to get more writing going, but the transition was a lot tougher than I expected & as time rolled on, it always seemed like I've always had one more thing to deal with. Writing was not that thing. However, I really enjoyed reading a few other blogs, often ones that focused on parenting but included other life musings along the way.

When I started this blog last weekend, I decided just to start writing. I had been composing some essays in my head & yearned for an outlet to get them out. When I sent the link to one of my sisters, she wrote back: Hey, I read the blog... good stuff. What do you do with it? I've never understood blogs. I can't say I know how to answer that question. I've shared news of my blog with a total of perhaps nine people. Yes, I would like folks to read my writing but don't currently have great dreams for what I want for it nor can I really answer what purpose I want my blog to serve. I'll just write what strikes me & go from there & see how it unfolds. I suspect I will focus quite a bit on parenting stories given that as a stay-at-home parent this year, this is what I know.

However, there are times when I read & see things that inspire me or make me think, & I immediately want to get it out to my friends & start some sort of discussion. It must be the teacher-learner in me. This morning, is one of those times. If you are so moved, check out this link from Sundays's New York Times, an article & an video, that feature incredibly inspiring mamas:

Holding On to Hope:

Make sure you also click on to the video on that same page called A Mother's Love

So THANK YOU, Mary Tallouzi, for being such an inspiring mama. I hope in my ugly or sorrowful parenting moments, I can stop, take a breath & think of you & your son Daniel-- and remember that yes, my hands are full.


Jennifer said...

I, for one, am very glad that you are blogging and am looking forward to keeping it up with it.

Andrea said...

Oh my that is heartbreaking! And really amazing that one can keep on mothering through all that pain.

As for why blog? So you can obsessively check 300 times a day to see if you get comments...because there are only so many times you can check your email and mailbox and answering machine.

Terra said...

I think blogs are a great idea and as I said in the e-mail to you, that bc they are a forming of interactive journaling, it may even prove to be theraputic for you - as you parent, stay-at-mom (mom being a verb there), and muse. I enjoy reading bc it gives me a diffferent perspective on life rather than what bullsh!it is going on at work and how I feel guilty bc i only got to the gym 3 times. You guys have some GREAT, FUN experiences going on! P.S. Now you just gotta get on Facebook and we can be FRIENDS. lol