Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thumbs Up

Thumbs up to the New Haven Fire Department.

This morning while walking back from school drop-off, F and I were passed by three fire trucks who had been responding to what seemed to be a false alarm. As the trucks were returning to their station at various intervals, firefighters in each of the trucks waved and shouted to F, much to his delight and mine. When stopped at a red light, one fellow even opened his door to greet F, who declared that 'cool,' clearly picking up vocabulary from his older brothers.

It made me wonder~ as part of their firefighter entrance exams, in addition to aptitude, strength, etc., do the examiners look for kind folks who like children? I gotta say it's not so much the men* in uniform that get me going; it's the men in uniform who are nice to my children that really heat me up.

*I am totally supportive of female firefighters, though, I just don't get that tingle in the same way...

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