Friday, April 25, 2008

Lessons Learned by a Curious 2 1/2 Year Old (& His Stunned Parents) Before 9AM

1. If you bend the arm on a set of non-flexible (expensive, prescription) eyeglasses just enough, it will break off.

2. Washable ink on a stamp pad is not really washable if you splay your palms across the pad, covering them entirely, leaving you a nice purplish shade for some time.

3. Trikes should not be ridden off the front steps of a porch.*

*and if they are, it hurts A LOT and leaves you with a large rash of road burn across your forehead and your parents wondering if you've sustained a serious head injury.


Jennifer said...

Poor little F. And poor parents too. Perhaps he has a future in X-treme sports and is just starting training now.

Andrea Lani said...

I think F and Z would be best buds if we lived closer...wild boys!