Monday, April 28, 2008

Big Changes A-Bed in Our Apartment

Yup, the guys are growing up. After a week of dangerous crib climbing, P and I faced the truth-- it was time to move F into a toddler bed (and say good-bye to his afternoon naps). So this weekend, we bought bunk beds, broke down the crib and one of the toddler beds, assembled the bunk beds, and redecorated the guys' room.

S and C had negotiated top-bunk-bottom-bunk sleeping arrangements months ago and they happily stuck to their plan. P and I were most thankful for their easy acceptance of their decided placements as we've seen such 'discussions' over other things--clothes, seats in the car, soccer balls, etc.-- quickly resemble a current debate for the Democratic presidential nomination, complete with name calling, and the boys' own inclusion of slaps and the such. (You know that Senators Clinton and Obama are a bit tempted themselves these days...).

The older boys were delighted to pick out their own sheets at the store so now transportation vehicles adorn the bunk below, roosters on top. Cock-a-doodle-do!


Jennifer said...

Our bunk bed set had a little tray attachment for the top bunk that I was always fascinated with. Obviously would not meet OSHA standards today! It's fun to see the tradition of bunk beds continuing for the boys.

Andrea Lani said...

We need to do this...the big bed is losing its appeal.