Thursday, October 6, 2011

fall morning commute

Welcome to October.  After a very rainy, but perfectly mild September, this morning felt like fall, real fall.  We are starting to get into a rhythm here.  After some initial excitement about riding the school bus in the morning, F has decided he much prefers to head over to school with me.  Since I am going that way too, I am very happy for the company.

So as it's shaking out, C and S hop on the bus in the morning while F and I ride together.  Then on most afternoons, F takes the school bus home while S and C stay after for their various commitments and I ride home one or both depending on the day.  Wednesday afternoons P and I have two bikes going, as he picks up F and C by bike for their music lesson.  S stays at school until I am done and then we head home on another. And this, my friends, is why we are a multiple cargo-bike-owning family!

So back to this morning's October commute.  Once F felt the chill in the air, he asked for a pair of gloves. Once he had those on, he realized that it was time for his Bern helmet with the fuzzy insert that keeps ears toasty.  And really, if one has on his gloves and winter bike helmet, isn't it necessary to wear the ski googles as well?

Hey, happy fall and winter bike commutes are all about warm fingers and ears.... and those stylish ski googles for some.


David Backeberg said...

We will have to write up why _we_ are a multi-cargo-bike-owning family. We do not yet have conflicting kid schedules as an excuse. :-p

sara said...

Of course, David, this does not explain why we have THREE cargo bikes with two cargo bike riders, but this is my story and I am sticking to it :)!