Saturday, October 1, 2011

cargo bike article in BICYCLING

I suspect anyone who is interested in the topic of family bicycling and cargo bikes may already have read this great article in Bicycling about cargo bikes called "Cargo Bikes: Coolest Bikes Ever Made?" by Tom Clines.  But if you haven't, you should go and read it now.

Oh, and while you are over there, you should definitely check out their list of 2011 Best Bike Shops.  Look who is there, right up top = our local and most favorite bike shop, The Devil's Gear here in New Haven.  A big congratulations to Matt Feiner and all our friends at The Devil's Gear!  We are lucky to have you.

And I'll leave you with the final paragraphs of this cargo bike article that you've now read:

"One Saturday, as I'm taking my boys to their soccer games, I realize that I've got the solution to the bike-vs.-family dilemma between my legs (and no, I'm not talking about a vasectomy). Rather than prying me away from my kids, this big ol' bike has brought us together.

As we ride through the packed parking lot and up to the soccer field, heads turn. Who are these people doing something so audacious as to actually arrive at an athletic event using their own muscles? Kids scamper over and demand rides (I manage to fit four on at a time), and parents gather round to see what the hell this strange machine is.

It's then that I see, in the parents' faces, what Dave Cohen calls "the politics of possibility." I could tell them all how green my bike is, how cost-effective and healthy. But in the end, what they see—and take away—is how much fun it is to carry people and things around under your own power. In the delighted faces that surround me, I can see the possibilities opening up. In practicality, it seems, there is joy."

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Andrea said...

Very "politics of possibility" and "In" Cargo bike will change the world! And you're the vanguard (or should I say "bikeguard" of the revolution.