Sunday, February 14, 2010


In a week where I am sure I was not at my best parenting-wise, we heard this from friends we've known for about seven months when we showed up for our sledding date in our minivan:

"Wow, we didn't recognize you in a car."

I see that as a compliment of the highest order. And while I am using this space to boast, why don't I add this one?

Yesterday, racing on the Xtra with two boys goggled and helmeted on the back on our way to a themed kids' event at a downtown museum (with a bag stowed on the side, packed with pirate accessories and a home-made crab hat, finished just moments before, with a thumb blister from a hot-glue gun to prove it), we came across two hipsters on bikes stopped at a red light. The fella backed up, checked out the Radish, and looked into the orange-colored-plastic-wind-protected eyes of my sons and said,

"You've got a cool mom."


Charlotte said...

YEAH they do!! I am loving reading this blog. I hope it is a glimpse into my future (with a few more sons than we'll have, I think). Miss you guys! Maybe a spring visit is in the cards for us?

MamaVee said...

you are very cool!!!

cycler said...

They sure do have a cool mom!
I think a lot now about how my relationship with biking was shaped by my dad, who not only taught me how to ride (I was a slow learner and he spent a lot of time pushing me), bought me my first "real" bike, and lead by example through his years of commuting to work by bike. He rides a recumbent now, and his favorite part of being retired is to be able to go out for a ride on a nice sunny day!

sara said...

Oh, thank you all! I've been off the blog for a few weeks and it is good to be back.

@Cycler-- I hope my boys tell stories about their parents and bikes when they get older. Go Cycler's Dad.