Sunday, May 4, 2008


Of course this headline on Yahoo news caught my eye today, California teen gives birth in shower, walks to hospital, and I had to click on the article.

This story is heartbreaking on so many fronts:
  • She had the baby alone (in a shower and clearly, with no pain management!).
  • Mama is 17 and a sophomore in high school.
  • She went through her entire pregnancy without her own mom knowing.
  • She kept the pregnancy a secret because she feared she would be kicked out of her house.
  • And finally "[She] did not call 911 because the home phone was disconnected, and she did not want to wake the neighbors because it was so early. Instead, she wrapped the baby, got dressed and went to the hospital on foot."

We're not talking of this happening in a developing nation. No, this was in California, people! Imagine walking down the street in order to get to a hospital , carrying your newborn, with the placenta still inside and the umbilical cord still attached?!!!

Why didn't people realize she was pregnant? Did she get any prenatal care? Where is the father in this picture? Ahh, I wish her and her son well, and I am glad that both are OK physically. I hope she can continue her education, that her son will be well cared for, and that her family finds some financial stability.

Here's to all the young girls who suffer pregnancy in silence and fear, without support and perhaps, care. Really, who honestly thinks that girls/women are the weaker gender?! Please...

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Andrea said...

Yikes. And let's hope our children have enough trust in their parents to no have to go to such great lengths.