Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Video: "A Family That Bikes Together..." from Public Bikes

I realize that I have done very little writing but a whole lot of sharing of family bicycling videos on this blog of late.  I do have a few things to write about but less time outside of parenting and work to do so these days.  However, good stuff in the family biking world is out there.  I am often astonished, and truly delighted, to see how this has grown, both locally here in New Haven, and in many other places as evidenced by a thriving internet presence of family bicyclists.

So here you go-- another day, another blog post of another great family bicycling video. This one comes from Public Bikes, featuring a family that bicycles to school in San Francisco.  What I like most about this piece is the focus of the FUN of riding bikes.  We can talk about exercise, lessened impact on the environment, dodging daunting gas prices, forming community connections, always find good parking, etc. which are all great reasons to cycle, but truly, we should not overlook the message that bicycling is just darn fun. 

p.s. See that title, "A Family That Bikes Together...,"it  kind of reminds me of one of my earliest cargo bikes t-shirt designs.  Great minds, I tell you :)


dweendaddy said...

Thanks for the heads up on that video. Now compare it to kids biking to school in the Netherlands:
And dream!


sara said...

Yes, Edwin, something to continue to work towards!

Hope you and your three fellas are well.