Monday, September 19, 2011

success! touch-a-cargo-bike

Our recently formed family bicycling group gathered on Saturday, September 10, to join in the CT Folk Festival and Green Expo festivities.  Teaming up with, we set up our own booth at the Expo and gathered together as many family biking set-ups that we could.  While other cities may call similar events "Cargo Bike Roll Calls," we rifted off those popular kid events called Touch-a-Truck.

I present to you photos from the New Haven area's first ever "TOUCH-A-CARGO-BIKE!" event:

What an amazing time we had! We were thrilled with the cargo bikes represented: multiple Xtracycles, two Madsens, a Yuba Mundo, two different cargo trikes, a family tandem, etc. We had back and front-mounted child carrier seats and some bike trailers. Lots of people stopped by to test out the bikes and talk family bicycling and cargo bikes.

It was an affirming day for those of us who have been riding with our families. Interest is high and true community is forming.  A highlight -- riding to and from the park with other cargo bicycling families as we had a line of seven cargo bikes cruising across town.  Thinking back to our first solo days out on the streets with our bakfiets nearly three years ago, this felt BIG. 


Jennifer said...

Wow, what a great turnout. The pictures are great.

Chicargo said...

Sorry we couldn't make it this time.
We like the name you chose better than the one here. It has a much more 'family cycling' and less 'march around in circles' kind of feeling to it.
Our kids (and we) were wishing the Chicago one were a Cargo Bike Donut Call. Did you have a safe place for the kids to play and run around at yours?
See you next time!

sara said...

@Chicargo-- We were really lucky about keeping the kids busy and happy. We had a side art table AND we were set up right next to a booth with awesome toys. The toy folks put a bunch a samples right out front and let the kiddos play, play, play.