Friday, August 5, 2011

inspiring mamas: sarah gilbert, cafe mama

I was looking for something else, when I came upon this.

I am such a fan of Sarah Gilbert and her blog, Cafe Mama.  It is so inspiring to come across parents and families who have committed to the biking lifestyle.  I thank them all for their examples and the way their words and photos make me stop and think, "Hey, maybe we can do that, too."

Perhaps the Full Hands family will, in turn, do that for some other family out there as well.

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Taylor Alt-Mama said...

You've done it for me! We're roasting in 105+ degree heat at the moment, but having relocated to Austin, TX from Brooklyn a year ago, I'm officially 'over' the whole car-centric lifestyle. We're scoping out bike trailers for the fall, and I hope to make our life as 'local' as possible-- and to really get around on our own leg-powered wheels. I have been a bit concerned about safety (my husband is, too); people drive like crackheads here, and I frequently witness really dangerous maneuvers when I'm out and about in the car. I've talked to parents who cycle, however, and it sounds like planning routes appropriately and making good use of flags/blinking lights, etc. can make cycling with kids very safe (I mean, I know driving with kids isn't exactly safe either... I guess I just feel we'll be quite vulnerable on a bike). Anyway, we're doing it. Any other safety tips, or just tips for getting over that initial nervous hesitation? Thanks for the inspiration, btw-- love the blog.