Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What to Do With a White Bern Helmet When Mom is Not Wearing It....

Play Storm Trooper, of course,with water telescope and rocket-shaped bubbles container. We ARE supposed to encourage imaginative play, aren't we?

** I must say that F, our nearly five-year-old, has never seen any of the Star Wars movies yet (nor have our older fellows) yet he seems to be able to speak about it with some authority that I find quite unnerving.


Andrea said...

Of course! What else is it for. And that is unnerving, but also kind of an interesting window into what kids talk about at school.

I had long discussions with C and various vetran parents about when was the "appropriate" age to introduce Star Wars to M...I think we ended up at five or six...which means, of course, that E and Z started watching it at one or two (and truly, it's pretty benign, violence-wise, compared to even some of the cartoons out today...most of which they see without approval or parental supervision at daycare...sigh).

MamaVee said...

If I had a white bern, it is no doubt that T would steal it and do the very same!

We got Wii star wars this past winter and he has become obsessed. Hasn't seen more than 30 mins of the orig movie ( at a friend's house) but he has played though most of the scenes in the game and has a play book of all the charactors. This morning he informed me that he dreamt of Han Solo last night.

we are in no rush to view the movies. although I saw it at age 5 in the theater and loved it.

Sammie said...

My son is 3.5, and he loves to wear his bike helmet around the house for his own unique reasons. Last week I found him reading a book in his room while wearing it.

(I found you from a mention on Car Free Days - I'm next door in Hamden, and just started riding my bike a couple of weeks ago. Got a free bike trailer from a friend, dreaming of an Xtracycle, and trying to do local errands and trips via bike. I'm excited to have found a local cargo bike blog! I look forward to reading older posts, as well as keeping up with you in the future. Thanks for blogging!)

sara said...

@Sammie-- I left a comment on your blog but not sure you still check it so I am writing here too. Many thanks for visiting my blog. LOVE that you are right in Hamden. My family has seen such a growth of interested family bike riders since we start bike commuting 1 1/2 years ago. We've also loved seeing cargo bikes coming to town: Xtracycle, Madsens, Yubas. We had friends who also bought a boxbike (bakfiets) but they've since moved to Nashville and we haven't seen any other bakfiets around. A couple of local bike riding families have talked about organizing a New Haven/Hamden area Kiddical Mass. It would be good fun to get together with interested folks. You can reach me directly at crumstrong at gmail. Cheers, sara

the_big_smile said...

Hey, never mind about your boy knowing about Starwars.
My older daughter is 5 years, too. We're never watching TV. She knows most of the stuff on TV anyhow. She learns about it at the Kindergarten.