Friday, August 14, 2009

Back in the Saddle

I've been absent from the blogosphere for some weeks. Between birthdays, vacation, travel, and mostly all-boys-all-the-time days, I haven't been up for writing nor frankly, reading many blog posts lately. Summer days have been filled with tons o' bike time, but I haven't been documenting much of it.

There is something more, too. Overall, I just haven't known where to go with my posting. When I first started writing, I was at-home parenting full-time and I used blogging as a way to document my goings-on, give voice to some things I was thinking, and share with some family members and friends some of our kid moments . I was very happy to fall under the mama-blogging category, but I was never one to work hard to get way hooked-into the blogging community. When I started working outside the house, I felt it would be terribly indiscreet to ever write about my work so I have stayed away from any posting about my professional life. Once we got our cargo bikes and started writing about family cycling, I got really excited by all the bike blogs I found all over the web. I've so enjoyed reading about these women and family bike bloggers' experience and it's been fun to share ours'. However, I always feel like I am a just dabbler here, a bit of an imposter. I'm not hardcore and can't talk in any technical terms about our bikes. I'm a 40-year-old unfit mama of three and I just like riding my bike. I like leaving our car parked. I like that we've committed to family cycling.

So with that, I go on. I will continue reading those blogs that I love. I will write when I am so moved...


Hilary said...

I wouldn't worry about the dabbler/imposter issue. Sometimes those who get really caught up in the specifics can be tools (not always, but sometimes). It's like backpacking gear-if you go into a gear store and the person just starts talking jargon to you-run away! You seem to enjoy tremendously what you do, and THAT'S what comes out in your blog. Reading about the tech-y stuff would probably be boring. Watching recitals of C&S and seeing y'all's bike adventures is way cooler. For serious, yo.

Jennifer said...

I like your blog because I like hearing your voice and I like it when you express your opinions. I would love to be able to blog about some of the things that I experience in my work, but that would be really wrong and since I think there's not much else in my life that is really interesting, I don't have a blog.

I love it when you post about your experiences and if they include really cool crafty stuff that you do or something new about your biking adventures, I find that really great. When you have stuff about the boys I love that too, but then again, I'm really biased!

I don't think you should feel that the blog should be one thing or another, it's yours to do with whatever you want. It's a nice way to keep up with you and find out what's going on in a general way.

I hope you do keep blogging as you have and don't feel like you have to do anything more with it then just do it because you enjoy it.

(Sorry for the long post!)

Jennifer said...

Ok, sorry to go on but one more thing: I wouldn't be using my bike to commute if it weren't for your blog. Just hearing about your adventures with the bikes would not have prompted me to think about my bike differently-reading about your experiences and seeing the pictures gave me the push I needed.

(OK, I promise I'm done)

Matt Newport said...

I think I'd leave the blogosphere altogether if I had a day job! Thanks for keeping it rolling (on any frequency). This is a voice that needs to be heard as more and more families realize the benefits and accessibility of cycling.

Jen said...

Don't quit writing about your cycling adventures. I love that it's not full of technical jargon and it's personal. You encourage me to ride more and drive less.

Terra said...

There are actually a lot of folks out there who have NO desire to be a bike mechanic (me included - althought I'd love to know how to change or patch a tire) or have the latest gear, and just like to ride their bike - not in lycra for exercise - but to get from A to B.

I've also had a busy summer, no worries. There will be plenty of time for cold-weather blogging.

I've been having a fabulous time on my LucyBelle and am going to start taking some photos of my biking style and trip to work, etc.

My favorite time is afte work, as I meander and lazily pedal home across the mall in the warm air and take deep breaths to savor it!

Keep blogging - whenever and whatever you want! -T

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