Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lookin' Good

We've made a few changes and added a couple of snazzy accessories to the Xtracycle Radish and bakfiets. Since our brand-new derailleur on the xtra is well-covered up by the FreeRadical (and what a difference this derailleur makes!), no photos of that. I present to you instead:

A comfy Brooks saddle on the xtra
Some fun valve covers that I got for a birthday gift


MamaVee said...

nice! where did you get the skirt guards??

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the great photos!

Hilary said...

Did you already have to replace your derailleur or was it just an upgrade? Seems kinda quick for a replacement if you just got the bike...unless it's an upgrade to a nicer part, which is always fun. And the streamers rock my world. Now we just need to get you some playing cards to add to the wheels for some sweet sounds while riding (well, the boys are a sweet sound too but you know what I mean).

inkandpen said...

Wonderful!! I hope the Brooks is as comfy as it looks. The streamers are a great upgrade, they'll make everyone who sees you grin (as though the bakfeits didn't do that already...).

sara said...

So follow-up scoop:

1. The skirt guard is great. It came on the Bakfiets. Those Dutch know what they are doing.

2. The derailieur is an upgrade-- it makes for much smoother shifting. We were struggling with the gears popping a lot & I heard that the original derailieur was quite a cheapy part.

3. Love the Brooks seat. Another HUGE difference in riding comfort.

4. Every time I ride behind P riding the bakfiets, I smile broadly as the streamers dance in the wind.

MamaVee said...

ha! I didn't notice the valve covers- just the skirt guards and thought that's what you were talking about. I thought the guards came with... I'm looking for some for whatever bike I end up getting... cute dice.