Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm so hip

So the NYTimes magazine has a big spread this weekend about how designers are embracing the color pink in men's fashions.

Let me remind you, just in case you ever forgot, I created this t-shirt line last year: BOYS LIKE PINK, TOO.

That's right. I'm so cutting edge. So hip. Do you think Project Runway will come a'callin'?


Anonymous said...

wow. even my kids wouldn't go there.

Andrea said...

I especially like the coral-pink business suit...very Miami Vice...and what's so shocking anyway; hasn't the pink oxford shirt been a mainstay of preppy wardrobes forever? It's funny to see how different people react to C's great big purple crocs...most people don't bat an eye, but the ones who do... Oh, and can you add a line of "I'm a boy and I like purple" shirts?