Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Imagine the reaction to THAT law

I have worked outside the house, this time around, for exactly seven days. Tonight at the dinner table, S turned to me and said unprompted, "You know, Mom, I miss spending so much time with you."

"I know, S. I miss spending so much time with you, but you are so lucky."

"Why am I lucky?" S queried.

"Well, now you get to spend all this time with Dad. You guys have been having tons of fun together. You know, not all kids get to spend this much time with their dads."

C perked up, a bit alarmed, and jumped in, "What? Not all kids spend a lot of time with their dads like we do?"

"No," I responded, "Some dads can't stay home with their children. Maybe someday if you decide to become a father, you might make the choice to stay home with your kids."

"Or," Sam hypothesized, "Maybe I could become president and make a law about all dads spending lots of time with their kids."


Anonymous said...

I'll vote for it! I'll vote for it!!

Jennifer said...

Maybe if S is president at the very least he could get a law for "special days" (ask P about that). Glad to have you blogging again-missed your voice.

Lindsay said...

Perhaps S should be Obama's running mate?

Andrea said...

YES!!! I'm in!